mardi 14 juin 2022

Multi-tournesol et autres...

 C'est l'attraction dans mon jardin en ce moment...mon multi-tournesol...

un pied et plusieurs fleurs...

Bonne journée  !!!

Et pour tous ceux qui continuent à se battre...

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”  from G.K. Chesterton


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  1. Dear Anna!
    This sunflower is a real specimen. I am charmed by it.
    Beautiful photos.
    I am sending you hugs and greetings.

  2. Your flowers are beautiful Anna, I can't believe how big your sunflowers are, mine are still very small plants even if they are just half the size of yours I will be happy. 😊X

  3. Your garden is buzzing with beauty, Anna. Those sunflowers are just WOW!

  4. Piękne kwiaty, a słoneczniki szczególnie! Pozdrawiam!

  5. Thank you for not letting us forget Ukraine. It has fallen behind in the news each night, but that is the nature of modern reporting. It is the worst tragedy in decades yet merits only seventh or eighth spot on the newscast, which is very sad. There were times when the trial of Johnny Depp received more attention.

  6. Que flores tan bonitas, y los girasoles me encantan. Bss!

  7. Como está fantástico o seu pé de girassol, cheio de flores.

  8. Lovely mosaics of Sunflowers and other blooms in your garden. The quote is so true. Fight for freedom, democracy, loved ones, the people, and their homeland!


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